About Us

I , Kasun Thimira , the propertier of Sri Lanka wood Carving, Galle along with my beloved wife Thakshila run this business for more than Three years. Within this short period of time we were able to reach to the climax of our business. Many of the Hotels, Guest Houses and Restaurants tool a great pleasure in joining with us.

When talking about my experiences, I started this business after my school education. Although I had no prior experiences about wood carving, I took a great interest in it. So, I joined to a wood carving work shop and learnt the art by myself. Under the guidance and supervision of the master craftsmen I did my work as an apprentice. By learning the art step by step I joined my inborn talents and interest with my skill.

Presently, there are several traditional craftsmen along with myself, engage in the carving. All of us do our work collaboratively, in adjoining places. The craftsmen are very much expertise in making traditional masks, wall wood hangings and arts, hotel items including furniture that are not just tables and chairs. The free wood art or “Ruk Kala” is something amazing that we create; we are capable of giving some kind of life to any shapeless piece of wood.

If you are interested in our products you can order any amount of any design, whether it is our design, a stilt fisherman, elephant with relic casket, any kind of wall art, a carving or any kind of design of yours, we are ready to provide it to your utmost satisfaction. We are ready to provide any order of any design to local or foreign market within given period of time.

When talking about timber about the raw materials, we use only the best quality materials or even you can provide any material according to your wish. We mostly use “Mahogani” which is durable, long lasting and easy to handle. We also use other materials like teak wood or jack which adds a quality and a higher value to the product. You can just pay 30% of your order as advanced payment and inspect the process of work from time to time and pay the balance at the end. So, why do you waste your time and money on duplicate expensive low quality products, you can just visit us and judge our work and continue with your order.....