Wood Carvings

The creative wall hangings are mostly used to decorate first class hotels and Guest Houses and they also beautify your Home. The wood arts and wall hangings are something that is extra ordinary decoration to a place.

The masks of the traditional dancers reflect the grandeur of Sri Lanka, they also add beauty to a place and give the visitors some interest about the place and you can also be a proud owner of a local traditional collection since they have an artistic and historical value.

The tables and chairs that are created by using the pieces of timber or roots of a huge tree will be a fine place for you and your visitors to have a nice experience to talk freely in the garden or in living room. Most of the people now prefer to have these kinds of wood arts other than usual tables and chairs.

The souvenirs like small, medium and large size carvings of elephants and different traditional wood carvings will be nice gifts for your friends and it will be a bestselling item in your tourist shop.

Sri Lanka Traditional Art

Ruk Kala

Wood Art

Wood Light

Wood Carvings panel